July 21, 2016

Ventures Day & Week



Ventures Day is a full day event that provides knowledge and skills starting your own startup. This workshop is designed in way that the participants come with a business idea and by the end of the day have all the skills and knowledge required to write an effective business plan.
The day would start with a brainstorming session and to start with the business idea concepts and to end the day with actually writing a business plan for their business idea. In between a lot of research techniques will also be provided to the participants as to how they would be able to look at their business idea, to see what competitive advantages that it has, to look at the market and to fine tune the business plan to be able to write it down and present it as well. This will be a preliminary business plan and will need further work as they progress forward with sharpening their business further.



Venture Week is a week-long workshop to prepare aspiring entrepreneurs to start their venture. The startups come in with a business plan. The whole week will consist of lectures, presentations, discussions and workshops where they refine their business plan. Will a well formalized business plan, these startups are now ready to start their business.